Friday, August 24, 2012

Hello Friday afternoon...

This week has been a glorious writing filled week.
Nothing pleases me quite as much as writing good solid scenes for an entire week.

Today, however, I spent the morning with Action Man. It's his birthday on Sunday so he has today off work... we went shopping, ran errands, and did do using The Boy Wonder's Skyline. What fun!!

Now back to work.
Although the afternoons work seems to be accompanied by the sound of Action Man cleaning his action man boots (okay army boots but same thing really) and a Clint Eastwood movie.
To be perfectly honest I could do without both so will be using ear phones shortly... and playing work music.
Yesterday I was listening to Bon Jovi's greatest hits and it worked well, so I think I'll continue with that this afternoon.

I woke up at five this morning because I forgot to pick up a cell phone.
And the worst thing... it wasn't me at all, it was my main character so therefore it's not a cell phone that exists in reality. Sigh.
But before six this morning I had found the scene and fixed the cell phone issue. So yay!
This is the madness of writing with one foot in Ellie's world and one in reality. I suspect that most of the week both my feet have been in Ellie's world. It takes a lot of effort to spend all day thinking/writing about IED's and so forth then switch to the latest kid drama or work story - often (at this stage of a manuscript) I don't switch off I just pretend I have.
I'm excellent at "uh huh" "Damn that sucks" "really?" "That's great" but only for about twenty minutes then it's all over and I stop even trying to listen.
I'm pretty sure everyone knows this.

Anyone got any weekend plans??

I'm planning on working... nothing new there.

Have a good one people xx


Melissa Bradley said...

Bon Jovi is a great band to listen to as you work. I'm planning on doing some writing myself. Hopefully I can get my characters onto the next scene and not leave them stranded again as I work out some other details. :)

Cat Connor said...

Hope your writing goes well... and those characters aren't stranded, Melissa. :)

Bon Jovi is my work music - also (when I'm not wearing earbuds) serves as a loud warning to everyone NOT to talk to me. :)

I see you...

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