Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday... where'd the week go?

As is often the case - the week has run off on me!

I've been busy - writing, writing, and then for fun I did some more writing.

Also attended a celebration at the library last night - which was much fun.
Our library isn't like other libraries. It's vibrant and fun. (And it's also the hub of the community.) There is something fabulous happening every single day at our library - and two Saturday's a month I get to be part of what's happening and I like it, a lot.

This afternoon one of my lovely group members mentioned on Twitter that she'd depressed herself planning a characters suicide.

Part of being a writer is knowing how to dodge the pitfalls of writing emotionally charged scenes and situations, it's something that comes with experience.
I've found that writing first person (as I tend to do) increases the chance of having some scenes cause issues and stick around longer than they should.
The best way I've found to shake that is to play loud music - my choice is stadium rock, it's loud, it's lively and it's VERY hard to stop it sweeping you up.
Dance!! Get rid of the crap. :)
If it's a really bad scene and the images/feelings won't leave... get outside and suck in some fresh air. Walk or run - music is going to help as well, otherwise you're going to be thinking while you're walking/running and you can bet you'll be thinking about what your character is going through.
Remind yourself it's not you!!
(I do not in anyway advocate walking/running outside while listening to an iPod etc LOUD via earbuds/headphones - it's a safety thing. Not just your hearing can suffer but you can't hear anyone approaching you and you can't hear traffic! Be aware what's around you at ALL times. I use a little more volume - but not much more - if I have Romeo with me. As I trust him to let me know if someone/something is nearby - him being a sight hound has advantages, he sees things a LONG time before I do.)

What you're aiming for is up-lifting activities.

Do stuff that makes you feel good.

Remind yourself it's not you.

The song that almost always works for me : Raise your Hands - Bon Jovi.

Try it.
It's an easy song to absorb the energy from.

And here it is:

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