Friday, August 17, 2012

Everyday ...

It's been a long week.
Pretty pleased it's Friday.

I've been working (writing) all week. After a while it makes my head ache. It just does. By this morning I had notes scrawled over about twenty different pages in a  notebook... yeah, not in order - because that would be too freaking easy.

Last night Breezy took my notebook and added several drawings. Some of which are over my notes.

Today I added extra 'comments' to the latest byte novel because there is a good chance I will lose the notes.

Oh, yesterday this book finally found a name. Databyte.
And yes, it's day-ta byte.
Anna told me, "If we voice commercials we are required to use day-ta for pronunciation as technically it's an American word so the American pronunciation is correct." She also thought that was #boringvoiceinfo. For most of us who don't voice commercials or know anything about radio... that's really interesting info. :)

What else? So far my Writer's Plot people have turned in 13 short stories for the first short story challenge. Hooray! Hoping a few more stories will pop up this afternoon.
REALLY glad I'm not judging this.
Which reminds me, I'd better get out the notes for tomorrow and make sure I don't miss any pages this time... so annoying!
Not sure we'll have time for any dialogue work but I had best be prepared just in case.

I may require my special glass and a bottle of wine tomorrow night. In fact, considering how weird this week has been, I will definitely require my special glass.

Meanwhile - I have found out an awful lot more about SSA Ellie Conway in the last few days. Most of it has taken me by surprise. Nice to know that after all the years of writing her she can still surprise me.
I was trying to remember when I first met Ellie - the day she first walked into my work. I suspect the only person who would remember is Chadd. Might have been late 2003 maybe.

I should probably get back to work. My mind is sifting through masses of information and it makes it hard to concentrate on anything else.

Pretty sure a few flags went up this morning too - Googling various explosives that have detectable smells is never a safe Google search. May as well have it all lead here, lol... I was also looking at lots of info regarding a particularly easy to make highly unstable explosive - TATP. (Triacetone Triperoxide)
Ah the fun of writing.
I won't be making any TATP - I'm not a fan of being blown into a zillion little pieces. But I'm guessing someone in databyte is just stupid enough to give it ago.

Right - off to finish this scene. Have a bad feeling about this.

And if you didn't guess by the blog title - I've been thrashing "Bounce" this week. (Yes, Bon Jovi.)

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