Wednesday, August 1, 2012


So it's Wednesday... it came around quick.

I decided on Monday that this would be a 20K week. To be honest I should be doing this every week... but I've been pretty darn slack this year. (Too many outside influences and not enough writing time - but that has changed.)

We've established it's Wednesday... my word count for the week so far is a rather happy 17K. I'm quite pleased with that. Especially with today's work. Had to think. Hard on the brain. :)
Well, only as far as I had to get my head around some software (to be honest it's malware) well enough to have a character explain it. Big fun. Totally geeky fun in fact.

I'll be skating over the 20K weekly goal tomorrow, unless I carry on writing this afternoon...

It's been rather nice having the week to myself. The kids are back at school. Hopefully they won't get sick again, because I'm over it. Seriously, it's been crap and I'm done with sick kids.

Where I am in this WIP is kinda tricky. It requires concentration and it's not something I can write with kids around... the incessant yapping drives me crazy and that really won't work for me or the WIP.

Over the last few weeks I've finished the kiwi mystery novel and finished an end of the world short story. It's been quite a productive time, so now, I'd really like to get this unnamedbyte done! And maybe named?? lol

The further I get into this particular story the more twists I find. It's like freaking spaghetti in there. And I thought it was fairly straight forward when I started it. Ha!
Now it's kinda like a minefield and I'm not convinced that any of my characters know a way through. Here's hoping one does!

Right back to work...

How have you all been?

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