Sunday, July 15, 2012

The synopsis

Just the word 'synopsis' is enough to instill terror, and rightly so. They're horrid evil things.
By all means take your beautiful 100k manuscript and condense it to 3 or 4 pages, never mind that the entire ms is written in first person past tense... the synopsis must be third person present tense.

I hate writing synopses.

I searched my hard drives hoping that I'd written one already for Soundbyte could've sworn I did. But no, sadly I did not.

Friday become synopsis hell day.

Took me about 6 hours to write the rough draft of this synopsis. I haven't looked at it since. I don't want to see it again. Maybe next week I'll take a peek and tighten it up.

I've read so many 'how to write a synopsis' tips  - and really, none are very helpful. I've written a lot of synopses over the years and never enjoyed them. It's not another chance to spend time with your characters as someone recently suggested... it's more like sucking the fucking life out of a ms and leaving nothing but husks and dust.
"Make it exciting" is something I've heard all too often in regard to synopsis writing... really?
The temptation to smack these people upside the head it high.

Condensing a 100k novel down to 3k - doesn't leave a lot of room for 'exciting' or 'character development' or 'story'. Taking a first person novel and turning it into 3k of third person present tense makes me want to hurt someone.

And the only point I can see in doing it at all is that - it makes it easy to see how the plot works (if the plot works).

So currently the synopsis for Soundbyte is too long and not formatted correctly. I still need to tighten it and format it. Because my normal template is formatted for manuscript writing I don't need to do much - but I do need to use all caps for each character the first time they're mentioned within the synopsis.

It may not be this week that I decide to hunker down and fix it... The Boy Wonder is having his 21st on Saturday. Which means close friends and family at our place early in the evening  - then they're all staggering off to the pub. I'm still waiting to hear back from The Tote. Guess I'll ring them again today!!

Also, Saturday is Writer's Plot day - and I need to get notes together etc for that.

But sometime in the next two weeks I'll get back to this synopsis from hell.



PS. Experiment was a fail. Two people wrote reviews, which was awesome - but as is usually the case... no one else bothered despite me saying how important they are to us authors, and especially authors with small presses.

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