Friday, July 27, 2012

New Zealand Poetry Day

I didn't think I was going to write anything for today.
That post on muses yesterday was rather epic and I was working late last night on the WIP. Got a better handle on a character now and was quite enjoying adding some depth to him.
Then, this morning, I remembered (thank you Twitter) that it's New Zealand poetry day.

Ever since I stepped foot on the fields at Antietam there has been a poem/novel brewing. I found the experience to be encompassing, almost overwhelming, there was no where I could turn to stop the images and smells that enveloped me.
I did not expect that. I did not expect to feel anything on the empty fields but for me it was far from empty.
It was not my fight but maybe it was, maybe it was.

The untitled poem is no longer untitled. Admin One remembered she'd bought a candle from Antietam... and suggested this title.

One candle, one man, one life:

When I walked upon the field
Horses hooves, sweat, blood
Racing heart
Rifle cracks
Pounding guns
Burning, screams, acrid smoke
Flashes of colored chaos
Green runs red
Smells collide
Swallow hard and turn away
No escape.
They died that day upon the field

* * * 

And oddly it's New Zealand poetry day... and I'm on a battle field in Maryland. 
And when I thought about things that moved me to wanting to write - I keep coming back to Antietam, Harper's Ferry, Burnside's bridge. 
I know that one day this will all cement into a novel, I just don't know when. :)

This is something I wrote when I came home from Virginia (a misnomer perhaps, as I was very much at home in Virginia)


Spring bought the Dogwood into flower
Daffodils gathered in clumps in the woods
Red tulips waved in the warm breeze
You walked toward the road
Behind dark glasses our eyes met
One brief instance
An inquisitive look from you
I looked away
And was gone.

And a little something from a long time ago: This took some searching, I was trying to find something light. Ha!

Swallowed by the green.

Fingers entwine
Warm wind tousling your hair
Eyes shine in dimming light
Time and space began to fade
Slowly falling into green
Melting into blue
My head upon your shoulder
Drinking in the scent
Feeling arms around me
Lips upon my neck
Knees weak
Hands grasp
Slowly sinking
Swallowed by the green
Dripping gently into blue
Tasting a memory of you.

I see you...

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