Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday? Really? We have to do this again?

Think we may have almost survived the second Monday of the school holidays without incident... and I may have misspoken. Breezy is having some kind of issue with a jam sandwich.

This morning I decided to rearrange the living room... ya see I had a plan. It wasn't a very good one, to be honest, but it was a plan.
The kids have a desk, that ended up relegated to the coat cupboard and that annoyed the hell out of me. So I thought, if I could move all the bookcases I could put the desk back where it once was.

So I did.

Bookcases are heavy.

Yes I was too lazy to move the books first.

I did it the man way.

So, I moved them, all five of them.

And thoroughly cleaned the floor etc under them and under everything else that I ended up moving (which is not the man way). Put the desk in the place I'd created, looked at it for five minutes... HATED it and put everything back.
Then I decided to move one of my desk mobiles to another position (I have three, not it's not greedy, I have a lot of stuff) and discovered the desk would fit at the end of my desk. Hmmm. That means that when the kids are on the PC I still have a desk to use.
That seemed smart.

But the desk is hellish ugly.
I blame the children.

So, I decided to decoupage it, like I did my desk mobile. Because that's always fun.
The Boy Wonder refers to such things as my 14 yr old self going nuts. He's possibly right. But it is fun.
I ran out of Mod Podge. *Sigh*
I think I will have to cover the desk surface with clear contact to protect the prettiness from the heat from my laptop but apart from that... big fun was had.
The desk now has a map of DC in the center and some awesome bits and pieces all around that. To be perfectly honest I suspect it's still ugly but the decoupaged bottles of wine adorning it will detract from that as will the awesome phrases and words.

Prior to rearranging the whole living area I actually used MS Publisher for something - usually I just swear at it for ten minutes and go back to using Word for whatever I was trying to do. This time I created two things required for tomorrow without uttering one single curse word.
I made 1/4 folding note cards with a picture of Torrent on the front and lovely instructions and a code on the inside, also description of the stories. (I'm clever like that.)
Then, to increase the cleverness... I created three DVD covers.
I know... I'm stunned too.
Now all I have to do tomorrow is go get some DVD cases. Three of them. :)
Oh yeah, I also wrote a letter to accompany the DVD's and popped it on the DVD's as a PDF. Because that's how I roll.

The dogs bedding all got washed today too and his toys.

Now I'm cooking a roast chicken.

I'm rocking everything today. That's just how it is.

Oh, yeah, Saturday's Writer's Plot meeting was fun. Loving that everyone is now getting more comfortable and talking/sharing/speaking up more. Good stuff.

Also, just putting this out there... Our Writer's Plot is a very talented bunch of awesome people.
Very. Awesome.
And Upper Hutt Library is a wonderful place to hang out.

If any of the Writer's Plot members are reading this... how's the plotting going? :)


LatteJunkie said...

My plotting has been limited to how best to shut up the whiny 4yr old... But in other news, I have a small outline of the "novella" in my head - just to get it on paper :D

Cat Connor said...

I'll see your whiny 4 yr old and raise you a whiny 6 yr old and annoying 13 yr old. Looking forward to school going back!! :)

Hope you get a chance to get that outline onto paper!

I see you...

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