Thursday, July 5, 2012

Little known Cat fact...

I love westerns. I really do. Always have.

Was a huge Zane Grey, Louis La'Amour, and Owen Wister fan as a teenager (still love em).
One of my favorite TV series as a kid was The Virginian - which was based on the Owen Wister book.
I wanted to see buffalo in the wild because of Zane Grey. I wanted to write a western because of Louis La'Amour. (I still haven't... have a feeling it will happen.)

I love western movies.
Given a choice I'll pick a western over pretty much any genre of movie.

So this afternoon - when a DVD of Jericho arrived I knew what I was going to be doing. Watching a western!

Even better a western and a mystery all rolled into one.

So, the kids and I settled in for a movie watching afternoon. Seriously, they never moved... there was a point where I thought, whoops not good for Breezy to see this scene - but I managed to explain it age appropriately and we moved on.

They loved the movie.

At the end, we were all yelling at the screen... "You better walk in that door Will!!!"
Tense moments when it looked like he was going to leave without letting his family know he was still alive... Yay for Mr.Sam (the lovely horse) for giving his game away. Whew!

(Squealer said it must have been Joshua making Mr. Sam neigh so Will/Jericho couldn't leave.)

I enjoyed the movie. I did. Not just because Mark Valley was Jericho (okay that helped). I haven't seen a western in ages. And I miss them.
I miss the clear cut bad guy/good guy thing. I miss saloons and dirt and sweat and horses and gun play. Ah, the gun play. :)
And men who stood for something, that I miss.

We watched Jericho this afternoon.

Pretty sure I'll be watching it again too.

FYI, Valley was on form as always and made for a most enjoyable afternoon.

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