Tuesday, July 3, 2012

From Page 139...

I'm just messing around because it's been that kind of day - so I thought why not toss some excerpts into my blog from page 139 of Flashbyte and the two following (as yet unpublished, byte novels). I don't know why page 139... just felt right. 

Flashbyte page 139.

Kurt attracted my attention. “Can I have a word outside?”
We excused ourselves. Kurt checked the corridor for lurkers. There was no one around.
I leaned on the wall and listened as he spoke.
“Regarding the three strangling cases earlier in the week. Another woman was killed early this morning. This time in Roanoke, and she was tortured.”
“Same name?”
“She was a Conway.”
That wasn’t good.
“Christian name?”
I moved on. Really: What else could I do? I’d never had a connection to Roanoke – the guy was now swinging blind.
“Thanks for the update.”
“You’re welcome,” he replied, reaching past me and swinging Grant’s office door open. “Back into it then.” 

Soundbyte page 139:

“You seem agitated.”
I didn’t reply. His simple observation made me want to scream. Scream. Of course I was agitated. We had a dead old lady and a dead old man, a man claiming to be helping keep a  missing woman safe, and a dark blue car indicated that someone else was at the scene of the deaths so did the note left by Maria. Also Brown isn’t Brown, as well as four dead people in one family and no answers. None.
What the hell was I going to tell the one surviving member of the Bleich family when Misha eventually bought him home? Sorry? We did our best but the Unsub who killed your family was just too clever? I’m sure we’ll catch him eventually? Meanwhile we have been asked to chase an abducted woman all over northern Virginia instead of investigating the deaths of your entire family.
Where the hell is the justice?
God sucks.
And just like that we were back to not speaking.
I settled into the seat. Best to keep my borderline rage to myself. Kurt may not view it as helpful to the case. Dark clouds rolled across the grey sky. Lightening shot from the center of the blackest cloud bank, filling the sky with an eerie white glow.
The storm had begun.

Unnamedbyte page 139:

I studied him for a moment. “You never heard of Sun-Tzu a Chinese general and military strategist?”
Steve smiled. “Yes, I have. He said, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”
“He did. He also said…”
“All warfare is deception. There is no place where espionage is not used. Offer the enemy bait to lure him in.”
We were obviously on the same page. That was a very good thing.
I raised my hand and waved at Steve. “I am the bait therefore I need all available information.”
“So tell me more about Joaunes Levy. Male or female?”
“Male,” Steve said. 

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