Saturday, June 30, 2012

Writing... and spooky shit.

So no title has magically appeared for the Unnamedbyte.
A few have appeared for future bytes... the most fun one so far came from Action Man - Daemonbyte.
Now that is an awesome title. I wish it fitted this current WIP. Tempted to try and make it fit. (Don't think I can though, lol)

As for the WIP - having a bit of fun with it. (I know, nothing knew in that at all) Today was freezing so I spent the day sitting on our bed under a blanket, writing. I wrote a lot.
I wrote a lot because when I had my shower this morning a whole huge scene unfolded, luckily it replayed a few times throughout the morning so I didn't miss anything.

Some of the scene was sparked by a question: How did someone hack into select government computers and also private computers and phones? Turns out the answer involves something possibly created by NSA, CIA and  the Israeli government. (The Washington Post certainly think that's who created it.)

Oh the joy.

Seriously geeked out on massive amounts of information about the malware in question. Big fun. And a few answers to some questions emerged... still don't know WHY. and that's kinda the biggie. But I'm getting closer.

As for the other thread... I know who did it. Once again Ellie and I came to the realization at the same time. I love how that happens. :D
So if she could just figure out who is behind the other stuff then the actor can move on with his life. That'd be nice for him. I'm sure.

Recently we've had a few odd things happening here... which have culminated in this: at 6:30 this morning The Boy Wonder woke up to find someone in his room. He actually wondered if he'd brought someone home with him last night, but he hadn't... that's how real he thought the person was. He said hello but there was no reply. He turned the light on and there was no one there. It was either an adult crouching or a child standing. Odd! Can't have bothered him too much because he went back to sleep right afterwards.

Today I've been burning white sage.

No one is actually spooked by this at all.

It's interesting more than spooky.

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