Monday, June 11, 2012

A Writer's Plot...

So, Saturday was the initial meeting of 'A Writer's Plot' - the workshop/group that I'm hosting at the Upper Hutt Library every second Saturday from 2-3. (And yeah we went over, I expect we always will!)

I am so impressed with the turn-out!
This is a very interesting group of people and promises to be a tonne of fun. We have a good range from absolute beginners to more experienced writers. Some who need more help than others, some who need confidence, some who just want the camaraderie of a like minded group, and some who need a big push to do something with their writing - and all manner of people in between!

Today I listened to the audio from the meeting. David (one of our members) recorded the whole thing. Was a fabulous idea and meant I could refresh my memory of names and who is doing what and who wants to do what. Yes, I did take notes but I missed a few people - we had some late arrivals, so I may not have a complete list of names.

A small writing challenge was set - and I'm really hoping that everyone gives it ago! I know some keen folk already had their opening paragraph sorted by Saturday night! Good stuff!!!

Sunday was run Romeo with Queenie day. Which was much fun for the dogs.
Admins are going to be teaching Twitter to our group - so they set up their own twitter accounts yesterday and have become familiar with the platform. It's an easy way for us all to keep in touch.
The idea of a website for the group was suggested by Action Man and also by Admin Bubbles. At the very least we probably need a dedicated blog so everyone can catch up on what's happening and also have their say. Maybe we'll start with a blog and can build on it later as the need arises.
Also, yesterday the Admins did adminy type things! They always maintain they do nothing but we all know that's not true... they cause plenty of trouble. :-)
Yesterday they made up packs of my promo stuff and organised bits and pieces for the upcoming AGM we are attending - because I am the guest speaker! (I cannot guarantee I won't say bollocks -I said it a few times on Saturday at our meeting.)
We also discovered a few prizes among my stuff suitable for 'A Writer's Group'.

Today I spent way too long doing group related stuff! But it was such fun.
Wendy at the library had some name badges for us (The Boy Wonder picked the suspicious envelope up for me today while I was cussing out my PC).
I've now designed the inserts. That was fun. Will print them later... this is what they look like:

Big fun!
Also, I went searching through my old files for my 40 minute radio play (which I knew I had somewhere) and found it and the original story that it was based on. Then I hunted for the partial screen play for killerbyte. So now I can show the difference between a story, a radio play, and a screen play. Much easier to just be able to see the difference from examples. Now I just have to remember to take the printed files along to the next meeting on the 23rd of June.

How was your weekend???


Anonymous said...

I reckon a Facebook group for Writer's Plot could do wonders. It can often be hard to keep track of things on Twitter.

Cat Connor said...

Good thinking, we can definitely do that!
I like twitter way more than Facebook - to be honest, and if we used a dedicated hash tag within twitter it's easy enough to keep track.

Maryann Miller said...

It's been a while since I did a workshop, but it is always fun and rewarding, whether teaching or attending. Nothing like sharing time with other creative folks.

Part of my weekend was spent sharing time with some cyber buddies promoting our new short story collection, The Corner Cafe. But I did take time on Sunday to watch some movies with my hubby.

Cat Connor said...

I was a little surprised how much fun it was, Maryann. :-)

Such a great and diverse group of people.

I see you...

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