Sunday, June 3, 2012

Today's questions.

This morning I had some questions that cropped up yesterday afternoon/evening in the new byte novel. (Still no name, still referring to it as unnamedbyte... moving right along.)

This is what I posted on Facebook this morning:
"Questions that need addressing today: Does the stalker at the museum get anywhere near Steve or does Ellie incur her wrath? How does Ellie get out of the museum with a gun without Sam (and no this time she can't flash a badge and just walk around the scanners) and not draw attention to herself or any more attention to Steve? Is it one person who is stalking Steve or many? Who hacked into her security system? Where is Eddie? Who chopped off his foot? Why do Assistant Director Owen and Metro PD think it was Ellie or that she had something to do with it?"

The answers go something like this...
No and yes.
She's resourceful and Steve's no idiot. They came up with a plan but it changed at the last minute. She sent him out first then met him at a prearranged place.

Getting out of the museum and a few other things that cropped up while writing that scene led to new scenes and they took longer than I thought to write.
Didn't get to the rest of the questions.

On the plus side - I topped the 100 page mark today. Which means I'm just under a third of where I'll be at the end of this initial first phase of writing.
I'd say first draft but really that's crap. It's not like there are ever separate drafts per se. This file will be the very same one that lands on my editors desk sometime next year but by then it will contain a lot more detail and so forth, and maybe an extra plot thread or two, and will also (hopefully) have a shiny polish to it.

I'm enjoying this book. (I always do!)
I enjoy writing these characters. Ellie is fun. The whole team are fun, really. This time we have another new character. He's fun. He thinks Ellie is kinda intense. Not sure if that's a good thing or not at this point.
I do know he's really enjoying Laura's company.
No, you don't know who Laura is - guess you'll have to wait a bit to find out won't you?

Meanwhile - Romeo has his girlfriend over for the long weekend. And right now he's fast asleep on his bed and Cleo is fast asleep with him. I think they had a good day. They sure ran well this afternoon - it's really cute seeing them sharing a bed.
As usual they brought the park to a stand still as they raced around the cricket pitch together - they took full advantage of the huge flat area and used all the space. Cleo led and Romeo caught her. First time he's caught her in the last few months. He was very pleased with himself.

This is what it looks like here right now:

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