Thursday, June 7, 2012

So who is she?

That's a perfectly normal question... but because I'm not going to tell you her name you can't possibly answer it. :)

Probably wouldn't matter if I did, you'll have long forgotten by the time this book lands on my publishers desk for the final verdict.

The woman in question has a name that reminds me of a Bowie song. It also reminds Ellie of a song but she's not sure if it's just her name or if it's a tad more sinister than that. I'm not either, to be honest. But it's got something to do with the actor.

The song led to an interesting discussion in this 'unnamedbyte' with the actor and then a sudden trip to a local bar. And that's where I stopped this morning. Something big is about to happen and I don't know yet what that is exactly. But it may not be great for the actor. Which would be a shame, cos he's kinda a cool dude.

That was my morning. How was yours?

Life has returned to normal here - back to having one greyhound. He's currently spending a lot of time in the man cave. I suspect he misses Cleo.
I can understand that. It was pure awesome having them together for five days. Nothing quite as fabulous as a greyhound unless it's two greyhounds. :)

This is one of my favorite pictures from Queens Birthday weekend:

Such joy.

Well, that's my break over... suppose I better go see what's happening in the bar...

Take care out there. :)

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