Friday, June 22, 2012

Not sure where the week went...

Clearly I was busy.

Tuesday morning I heard from my fab editor at Rebel with some suggestions regarding Soundbyte - have been fully immersed in Soundbyte ever since. It's playing havoc with my ability to sleep!

Tuesday night I was the guest speaker at the "Friends of the Library" AGM, down in Petone. It was no where near as scary as the first time I was a guest speaker back in March at the Upper Hutt Library... plus this time I had some advice from Anna and was feeling much more confident about the whole thing.
It was fun.
Really fun.
And hour and then some disappeared rather quickly.The whole thing went well. I was most impressed with the amount of homework Richard (the host) had done - was a bit worried that I'd have nothing to talk about when he introduced me so thoroughly! :) 
After the talk, The Admins were busy handing out promo material and chatting to people. We all managed to get a glass of wine - which was much appreciated!

Since Tuesday - I've been working on Soundbyte and getting notes organised for this weeks A Writer's Plot meeting. It's actually quite time consuming pulling notes together - mainly because I'm trying to explain things I do naturally (yeah, I know, that sounds wanky but it's true, I don't think about characterization or well anything, I just write...).
Tomorrow's meeting might be a bit busier than I envisaged!
Looking forward to seeing everyone's opening paragraphs.

Tomorrow night - we are having hot/warm desserts for dinner and wine, probably lots of wine... time to revel in the joy of the flashbyte paperbacks and the fabulous new paperback format that Rebel is now using. :)

How was your week??

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