Friday, May 4, 2012

When the world changes...

You can do one of two things.
1. Roll with it and see where it takes you.
2. Fight it and hang on to what's gone until it eats you alive.

I don't fancy being eaten alive - which sounds painful and like it would make you old real quick. So, I have no choice, it's roll with it and see where it takes me time.

This week I didn't do much work. I needed to spend some time saying goodbye to a close friend. His funeral was today in Brisbane. I wasn't there but that doesn't so much matter. I spent the week saying goodbye and we'd already said everything we needed to say in person - such was the nature of our friendship. No regrets. I will always miss him but I have no regrets.

Now, today, I got back to writing. Not much but a start. I picked up that Unnamedbyte and fiddled about with it for a few hours. Added about 2 pages. (Doesn't sound like much, but after this week, it was a freaking miracle.)
Got to school to pick up Breezy this afternoon with a HUGE scene rolling about in my head. It took me by surprise. I hurriedly made notes when I got home. I'll write it tomorrow... tonight I have a date with a bottle of red wine.

Meanwhile... a few excerpts from the byte with no name. :-)

I smiled. No one in their right mind would willingly be in close proximity to Eddie Connelly. He smelled like the bottom of an ashtray filled with bourbon and enhanced with vomit inducing body odor.  
Sam stepped forward. “So where is the rest of dear Eddie?”
James swiveled his head the other direction to see Sam. “We don’t know. We only have a hand.”
“Is he dead or alive?” Kurt asked.
“We think he was alive when the hand was removed.”
I bit back a smile. Possibly by someone wearing a level A hazmat suit. I thought about the hand removal for a moment. Eddie was a real baby when it came to anything to do with himself. He’d go on and on about a paper cut, tiny graze, or bruise like it was the end of the world. Bet someone loping off his hand stung. I knew there was a stupid grin on my face. They’d have to knock him out or they’d never hear the end of it.
I looked up to see Kurt run his thumb under his chin and point to his own mouth. I worked harder on trying to dislodge the smile. Sam was doing a great job of keeping Detective James attention off me.
“Where and when was the hand discovered?” Sam asked.

* * * *

“I’m sure he’ll be back… Beatrice won’t let this go.”
“That’s as sure as bears shitting in the woods,” Lee drawled.
“We can poke around,” Sam said. “See if we can find any more of Eddie.”
“Or we could let it go and move on. Detective James will be back, until then, we’ve been asked to look into a stalking case,” I said.
“Stalking?” Kurt said. “A serial stalker?”
A smile erupted into laughter as a mental image took hold. Cereal stalker indeed. I could see some crazy but pretty woman stalking the Frosty Flakes in Safeway. Maybe she liked tigers or maybe she just liked sugar. I suspected it was a package deal.
“No, not a serial stalker, at least not as far as we know,” I replied sending the Frosty Flakes image packing.
“Who’s being stalked?” Kurt asked, taking his pen and notebook from his suit jacket pocket.
“A celebrity,” I replied. “LAPD have asked for our help.”

* * *

“Would I? Really?” She almost looked innocent for a nanosecond. “I so hacked their asses,” she whispered. “They found the hand on the south side of the Washington monument. It was displayed. There are photos.”
I slipped around to her side of the desk. There were photos. It was displayed. Eddies armless hand was flying the bird. I couldn’t help but smile. Even in death and unattached his body parts were offensive. Kurt and Sam peered over our shoulders. Sam chuckled. Kurt grinned.
“You think maybe he offended someone and they chopped the offending appendage off?” I asked. “God knows I’ve been tempted over the years.”
Kurt tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to move a little. He wanted a closer look at the stumpy hand.
“Sandra can you download these photos without anyone knowing?” He asked.
“I am a magician. It is within my realm of expertise.”
“If you wouldn’t mind forwarding them to me,” Kurt said.
“Not at all, consider it done.”

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