Monday, May 7, 2012

The weekend...

Saturday night we had a 'circus' dinner - which had nothing to do with tight-rope walking or traipse artists. And I'm quite glad about that. It had more to do with drinking wine, eating rubbish, and putting a tough week behind me. It also had a lot to do with friends and saying goodbye to one who left us suddenly a week ago.

So, Saturday night was fun.

Sunday - surprisingly wasn't hung over. Trust me, no one was more surprised than me.

The Admins and the girls and I went to the Rotary Book Fair. Breezy wandered about saying she'd like to call me Cat and loudly announcing none of my books were there... and she named them all. Bless her little cotton socks. She did this up and down every row. There were a lot of rows.
Took a bit to get her to understand not having any of my books turn up there was a good thing. (Really, who wants to see their darlings at a second hand book fair???)
Whatever, it was cute and it occurred to me that she quite likes having a mummy who is a writer.
Never really seen that side of her in action before.
My kid is cute.

Which brings us to today. It was long. Two interviews this morning. Bye Bye 4 hours. And then two guest posts this afternoon... bye bye afternoon.
But nice to have them all done!!

One guest post suggested a photo of my work space. I ended up taking quite a few. Turns out my desk is REALLY big and fitting the whole thing in on one shot is quite tricksy. I also had to tidy it, a little, you know - put away the borderline creepy doll that stands behind my pen containers. The doll that no one really notices any more but I don't think the world needs to suddenly spot it in a picture!

When I took the pictures of my desk I noticed a disturbing thing on Tony's hat. He's wearing Papa Smurf. It's not right.

Okay for the curious:




There you have it my 'sanitised' work space.

The glowing gnomes are from left to right: BTK, Tony, and Elvis (think you probably guessed that last one).

What are your plans this week???

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