Friday, May 11, 2012

The week just about gone..

It has been a pretty good week.

I'm working, which is always good. I'm fully immersed in the world of Ellie Conway again - which is better than good. She's my favorite character and her life happens in my favorite places, so for me it's win win!

There have been a few stand out moments this week.

I had a really interesting email about hypothetical situation that really got me thinking. So much so I had to revise my initial thoughts and email the sender with my much more detailed hypothetical thoughts this morning.
Hypothetically the email dealt with something that I want very much to be part of.

Action Man told me he was reading a really good book.I asked him what it was. We often talk about books we're reading and new authors we've discovered. He said, "Soundbyte". Then proceeded to tell me where he was up to and how much he was enjoying it. That was a pretty damn cool moment.
(Especially as he wasn't that fond of Flashbyte - too many foreign names for him and he got confused by the flashbacks early in the book.)
I'd forgotten I'd sent Soundbyte to Action Man's kindle for him to read when I submitted it to Rebel. Very glad I did now, it's nice when your partner likes your work! :-)

I got the best text of the week today, it goes like this:
"Just finished terrorbyte and it was super! Loved The Butterfly Song at the end. Also read killerbyte first chapter at the end of the book and it's very exciting. I like how your book gets straight into the action. As I read I see it like watching a movie and still think a TV series would work so well. I can imagine it now on the SoHo channel. Keep visualizing as you may very well be a future guest on Ellen or Rachel Ray!" (Yes, I had permission from the texter to post that!)


Yesterday I was a guest poster over at Suspense Novelist.
Romeo gets a look in too. No show without punch. ;-)

What else?

This is big so pay attention...

The initial meeting of The Writers Plot: 'A place for scheming and intrigue' will be on Saturday June 9 2012 from 2-3pm at Upper Hutt Library (it will be fortnightly from then on). We're very excited about the group and think it will be a lot of fun. No matter where you are in your writing (thinking about it, not sure where to start, already writing, almost completed a body of work and wondering what's next, in need of crit partner or beta readers, looking at publishing options, just writing to amuse yourself...) come along!
I look forward to meeting you all!!

And lastly:
I never got around to get a diary for this year - so have been using a notebook... and somehow manages to fuck the days up in May which has buggered the rest of the year. Fun.
I really need to go get a diary!! (Always want to write dairy instead of diary, have to check it every single time!)

Have a good weekend!
And Happy Mother's Day to all the mum's out there.
Any plans??

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