Monday, May 28, 2012

Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang

I know, that seems like a random blog title. (To be honest - no more random than most of mine.)

Last week I was shopping with a friend and discovered a fabulous range of perfume oils. After about ten minutes of smelling different oils I had to walk away for a little bit before choosing the oils I wanted.
White Sage made our heads buzz... not even joking. Then it was like time travel, freaky and yet interesting and kinda fun.
Musk and Sandalwood combo took me back to Nana's bedroom. I was a little kid sitting on her bed watching her put on her makeup.
Jasmine is bright and sunny.
Ylang Ylang (always my favorite) is a million words crammed into a small bottle.
Sandalwood smells like Fiji but it seemed to help me tune into the universe in a very cool way.

There were about twenty oils.I smelled them all.

I came home with Sandalwood. Tomorrow (because I've been thinking about it since I bought the Sandalwood) I'm going to get the Ylang Ylang.
I mixed them both in the store - on my wrist.
About twenty minutes later it was the most amazing scent. :)

Smell is a very powerful sense.

Occasionally I smell paint. (Not in a huffing way!) But sometimes the faint smell of fresh paint wafts past me at home.
It's a comforting yet fleeting smell.
My brother used to smell like paint - he was a painter.
Sometimes it's not paint I smell that reminds me he's around somewhere, but bacon cooking at odd times of the day and not coming from my kitchen.

I associate the combination of VO5 shampoo and Musk Impulse body spray with my teenage years - more specifically with my best friend from when we 14. Carefree days that held so much promise.

Some smells are very hard to ignore... like Cool Water - seriously. It's one of the few men's perfumes (cologne - whatever you manly men want to call it.) that I cannot resist. I have even turned around and followed someone down the street because he was wearing Cool Water.
More recently Action Man started wearing Usher, very very nice!

What smells trigger good memories for you?
What smells do you really like?


GClarkHellery said...

There's something about a man wearing cool water I can't resist. I even bought a bottle a few years ago and started wearing it like perfume. Every time we're in a duty free I always go and spritz a bit too.

Chrissy said...

god I loved that musk impulse! Of course sandalwood has always made me feel happy and calm. Cigar smoke reminds me of poppa, any wet wipes now smell like pooey nappies to me. Do you remember that Indianish shop at the top of the mall circa 1977? I loved the smell of that and the muslin shirts that they sold.
Smell is a great memory sparker.

Cat Connor said...

If you recall I had a muslin shirt in my blue from that very shop.
That incense smell in the shop... so fabulous!

With you on the wet wipes!! ick.

Every now and then I still get that musk impulse...

I see you...

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