Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rainy Wednesday.

I'm mostly sure it's Wednesday. Could be wrong. (Blogger is still operating in EDT, that's okay, I still wish I was too.)

So far this week has been busy. Busy is good.

Today everything slowed down and Bon Jovi is playing on the stereo. Work music. But not for the short story I'm writing. It's byte novel work music. I've stopped writing the short story for the next few hours. Needed Bon Jovi, can't write about nuns and listen to Bon Jovi, so... I'll blog and get back to work on that unnamedbyte novel.

Ellie blogged about heroes. Such fun and well worth a read.

What wasn't fun was trying to get blogger to behave and accept the link. Grrrr.

On that note - and because using blogger in IE is the biggest pain in the ass ever, I'm going back to work.
(yes, I know, but signing in and out of stuff pisses me off too, so, Ellie uses Firefox - to blog and tweet, I use Chrome for G+ and everything else so I'm always signed into what I need,  but G+ screwed my blogger sign in so IE has to be for my blogging. It's poop but there you have it.)

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