Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Paranormal or intuitive?

Let’s get down to it here, shall we?

First and foremost I never expected to have a paranormal element in any of my work, but as time (and books) has moved onward that’s exactly what has happened or is it?

I’m not sure that the songs Ellie hears are ‘paranormal’, in fact I think that’s just her subconscious picking up on things people don’t generally see. I think she’s extremely good at reading people and situations, in seeing what lies beneath but that’s not necessarily a paranormal skill. It’s more likely to be a skill she acquired for self-preservation as a child and now uses (perhaps not knowingly) to good effect as a Special Agent with the FBI.
Talking, seeing, and interacting with her dead husband… not necessarily paranormal either - or it wasn’t, until others also saw or heard him.
Until that point it was simply her imagination and a way for her subconscious to deliver information that she knew but wasn’t aware that she knew. (We are often not good at listening to ourselves and our minds know that.)

Think about it.

Our brains are incredible and underused.
We have an amazing capacity to know things. To gather information from people around us, from subtle body language signals to a hint of something not quite right in the tone of a voice.
We know far more than we think we do.
So, why don’t we use it?
Because as we grow up we’re taught not to trust our instincts. We’re taught to rely of science and research and proof.
You can’t prove a gut instinct but does that make it less valid?
Hell no.
Trusting your gut, can save your life.
It doesn’t mean anything spooky or paranormal is going on, it just means you’re more aware of your surroundings than you thought you were.
And being aware is a very good thing.

But then again… who’s to say it isn’t paranormal? Who’s to say Ellie doesn’t have the ability to employ a sixth sense?

Sure she’s my character - but I don’t know if she can talk to dead people.

 I do know that as I wrote Soundbyte (the 5th byte) I became aware that it’s not just dead people that she sees which makes me think hallucination rather than ghost. Also I think she still needs her mind to conjure up message delivery systems that can get through to her because she doesn’t yet fully trust the little voice in her head that belongs to her.

And part of me thinks that maybe she can tap into the universe… maybe she is superhuman.

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