Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gone - exacerbyte

Remember the poem "Gone" from exacerbyte?

Yeah - this one...

It culminated in the end
Dripping off the edge of life
The ooze that was primordial slime
Is all that’s left at the end of time.
Full circle?
Does it matter?

Rain pounding
Mud squelching
One by one, they leave
Surrounded by flowers
Alone in the earth
The moments before, did they count?
What was special about the day?
Did you measure up in a universal way?

Cold seeping through the lid
No matter how a life is lived
Biodegradable flesh is how it will end
How long before it all caves in?
Sinking quietly into the murk
Was it worth it?
Did you live?

Seems Uncle Bill finished the book and had an answer for me:

On “Gone” by Cat C.

Beginning and end are all the same
Full circle we but play a game.
What we call primordial slime
Has not improved by years of time
But hope is life for future days
When we forget our wicked ways.

They cannot stand forever in mud and rain
We have but one life span not twain
So in this form of flesh and blood
We will care no longer for cold or flood

What is the universal test we take?
Or what decision in life must we make?
It is acceptance and belief in God’s true son
A place in heaven then is won.

Uncle Bill 

How cool is that??


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