Friday, May 25, 2012

And she still surpises me...

As you know I'm writing a new byte novel - while I wait (and it's an excruciating wait, believe me it is!) to hear back from my glorious editor about Soundbyte.

The new byte novel came about because I hated where the other new one went. Seriously, hated it. Felt the need to kill the book just before it crossed the 50K mark and start again. Ellie was not a happy camper when she figured out what I was doing. But I did it anyway. (See, I am in charge!)
The new character has a much different role now and in fact is a different person.
Disregarding that, this new book is a shit load of fun. I'm having a ball writing it.
Flashbyte was a total mind fuck. Soundbyte is intense. This one is fun. This one has no name. I've toyed with several. At the moment it's called Unnamedbyte. I sure hope that doesn't stick!

This morning I settled down to write - and was happily finishing off yesterday's transformation scene - handy having this new character around, he knows a thing or two about acting and was able to help Ellie become this other persona.
And Ellie calls a chick called Simone... next thing I know Ellie is speaking French. WTF?
Bad enough I didn't know she'd stashed an entirely new life in an overnight bag at Rowan's or that she owned a business in DC.
She speaks French?
Better than she speaks Russian (which is a blessing).

Seriously... five books written (plus several I've since destroyed or gutted due to me hating them and just not seeing the joy in them at all really) with Ellie Conway as the main character, and I didn't know this stuff!

I feel like a mushroom.

Makes me wonder what other secrets will pop up!

Also... the new guy started an inventory of Ellie's scars. Well, okay, he was asking about them while he helped conceal them with corrective makeup. Obviously only the scars he could see. She was CLOTHED. There will be none of that, thanks!
So, just her arms and forehead... they tell quite a story. But usually people don't see them. She wears bangs to cover the scars on her forehead, and long sleeves to cover the ones on her arms.
It was interesting though, his reaction to her saying what caused each scar. I'm not going to tell you what it was, but it interested me. :)

The full visible scar list goes something like this.
Left upper arm:
9mm bullet
Right forearm:
surgery to repair break
bullet graze
utility knife

... and then some - like the times she's required surgery to close head wounds... those scars are safely hidden under her hair.

I wonder if I will ever know all there is to know about Ellie Conway...


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