Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Accents are fascinating.

Today’s discussion on Twitter and here in my living room about accents got me thinking.
That’s rarely good but there you go.
I am one of those people who pick up accents with ease. It’s good and bad. It’s not that I mimic people it’s more that I’m a chameleon (that sounds so much better than being a mimic.)
It’s no secret that drunk in the right circumstance I have a very strong Irish brogue and it’s about as Irish as a person can get. Which can be fun interesting. Sometimes it leads to situations like this one:
Me leaning on the elevator wall spouting off about some fecking shite.
Innocent elevator user who grinned and said to Admin Bubbles, “Irish?” (Because that excuses the foul language, immediately.)
Admin Bubbles replied, “No, intoxicated.”
From memory the innocent elevator user was hot. But my memory of that night in NYC cannot be trusted.
The point being I pick up accents and had been talking/drinking with an Irish woman earlier.

I’ve always been able to do this. I spent an entire year talking like a Glaswegian and was unable to remember how I spoke normally. (So, my voice may not even be my voice… just putting that out there.)
Very few accents elude me. All I need, is to hear the person speaking. Happens very quickly if I am speaking with them. I end up with a few key words in my head and from that I can adopt whatever the accent is whenever I like.

I was talking to a gentleman from Texas at Cherry Island in Taupo when I was a teenager - within in minutes he was inviting me to dinner with his family, because ‘shoot, y’all a long way from home.’ I didn’t go. (Nu-uh, I’m a smartass who mimics not stupid.)
It can be a lot of fun.

The end of our trip to the US was spent with friends in Canada - Saint John, New Brunswick to be exact. They were in fact friends of the Admins not mine. (But they are now I’m lovable like that. lol) We’d spent a month in the US at that stage, northern Virginia and DC with a brief stop in NY.
My accent was so fucked up I didn’t know what was going to come out of my mouth next.
I’d been warned that Canadians were really bad with accents - in fact I’d been warned they wouldn’t be able to understand me at all, what with me being a kiwi and talking fast an’ all.
The hell they couldn’t.
I got asked how everyone could understand me so easily but couldn’t understand the Admins.
Cos I’m mimicking your ass! Probably because I sounded more American than Kiwi at that point of the trip?

Yeah, we’re working up to something here…
And every time I think ‘Canadian’ I hear a voice in my head. And it’s not even that he has a Canadian accent because he mostly doesn’t until he says certain words and I hear it. It’s a mixed accent. American/Canadian. It’s also very easy to listen to. In fact it’s one I could listen to all day long.
Next time you hear Mark Valley speaking listen… his is an easy voice to listen too.

Name your favorite accent...


Cealarenne said...

Brooklyn. Love it.

GClarkHellery said...

G'day mates. Hubby and I frequently get mistaken for Aussies-despite leaving in 2010! However, hubby evidently also sounds like Harry Enfield because if we're watching him and he says 'Stop' the Xbox turns off! Such fun!

Cat Connor said...

Oh, Geri - Aussies? I am sorry. :)
The Australian accent is one I don't enjoy!

Cealarenne - The Brooklyn accent is kinda cool.

I see you...

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