Friday, April 27, 2012

Want a copy of Flashbyte? Okay then...

Having a bit of fun today. Because I have a migraine from hell and because I can’t really work through this… so, I’m going to give something away.

While my brain is trying to explode out my right eyeball… you can win a digital copy of Flashbyte.

It’s easy.

If you’re a tweeter follow @EllieConwaySA (you can follow me too if you don’t already @catconnor).

Now - the next step is to tweet Ellie.

Yup, that’s right. You need to tweet her. Say hello, whatever… but be nice!

If you’re on Facebook ‘like’my page and leave a short comment, say hi, say something I don’t care what you say - but don’t be rude.

Now, IF you are already following Ellie and already like my facebook page - then I love you. No, that’s not right… then if you tweet Ellie or leave a comment on the Facebook page today, you also go in the draw. Because it’s only fair.

At the end of the day… there will be a random draw and two someone’s will win a digital copy of FLASHBYTE each.

Which by the way is awesome and will also let you understand in greater detail what Ellie was tweeting about this morning - and why she will never ever live down the comment she made about Christopher Chance. Special Agent Ridiculously-Good-Looking will see to it!
Payback is a collection of adjectives.

Woken by the news that she’d been strangled in a parking lot, SSA Conway knew it was going to be an interesting day.
The incident escalated into a week from hell with bank robberies, snipers, truly bizarre packages, and more reports of her death. What Ellie did not expect was old friends (good and bad) reappearing, see-sawing with more than the usual amount of kickass energy. Just so Delta A didn’t get bored, the universe tossed in an extraordinary rendition, lost memory, and a visit to the past that anchored the present.

Available now from and Smashwords and all over the place really! :-)

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