Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday already!

It's been day of cuteness today. Serious cuteness.
Romeo and Breezy have been so cute it's sick making.

I posted some pics earlier on my Facebook page - due to various stalker types I'm not posting them here.

We took off early to walk Romeo this morning - he was going to be coming with us to the Mall - but it looked like the weather was going to cave in, so leaving R and the kids outside while I shopped wasn't going to be a go.

So he got an early walk and enjoyed it as always, apart from me deciding to cut through the graveyard... turns out he doesn't like that particular part of the graveyard - talk about a FAST walk.
Then we took him home and the girls and I went to meet Beck.

Fortuitously, Nigel Kennedy was performing at the Mall. We left Squealer with the 4 younger kids to watch the magic show while Beck and I went sock shopping. We checked back three times. Each time they were mesmerised and couldn't care less where we were.
About five minutes after our last check in Beck and I wandered into the 1,2,3 dollar shop. While we were browsing we spotted Trish and her kids. She said she'd seen her little sisters and nephews, and they were headed up the ramp to the second floor...
I text Squealer and told her we were downstairs and where we were - while we waited we walked over the the ramp. Next minute we see Trish again, she told us the kids had come down the escalator and were by the 1,2,3 dollar shop! Who knew they'd use the escalator? lol
So, back we went.
To find five grinning kids. Waiting. Squealer had told Dex, Breezy and Caeds to stay together and had Conman by the hand. She'd done a great job of shepherding them around the mall and managing the escalator as well.
Maybe next time though she'd like to just wait where they were for us to come back... lol.

Now we're home.
Breezy is watching Coraline (again). Squealer is on the computer. Romeo is asleep (no change there). Action Man will be home soon - he was going to Hamilton tomorrow but text me at lunch time to say he's going this afternoon instead now!

Meanwhile... someone has to do the dishes... offers??

Oh and I sent Soundbyte to Jayne at Rebel ePublishers yesterday because it's next week now. :D

A winding trail of subterfuge littered with diamonds sends SSA Ellie Conway and Delta A traipsing across Northern Virginia trying to locate an abducted woman. Meanwhile, Ellie’s daughter Carla leads the team on a merry dance of her own as she flexes her teenage muscles.

So, have you read Flashbyte yet??

Still waiting on word regarding the paperbacks - but shouldn't be too long away now!!

Have a good rest of Tuesday. :-)

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