Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday that feels like Monday!

When Wednesday is a holiday Thursday feels like a Monday. It's quite odd.

Last night was a late night. I wanted to watch the season finale of The Walking Dead - and I did. It didn't finish until 11:30. Then it was damn near impossible to get to sleep. That's all on me though, because I was writing notes during the ad breaks. Yep, writing notes. Notes that belong to this new unnamedbyte.
Writing notes during ad breaks while watching a two hour TV show - not so smart.
I could've just watched the show and gone happily off to sleep dreaming of zombies etc... but no. I had to go confuse the issue with a stalker.

That'll teach me.

To be honest, it won't teach me shit. I've done it before - I'm a repeat offender. I'd say recidivist but it's not criminal behavior, it's just stupid. Making my brain work instead of letting it wind down and just enjoy the zombie gore is silly. It ends with little sleep... that's never good.

So much for not working for the next few days. Ha! Been here before too.
Seems if I tell my brain it needs a break is disagrees strongly and overrides me.

This morning I wrote some of the notes into the unnamedbyte.

I also - checked the notes I'd written for the kiwi mystery/thriller. Yes, I wrote notes for that too last night.
Now, just waiting for Beck to read the book so I can add these extra scenes in.
Ah the joy.

This is me not working.

I'm not very good at it.

This is where the Admins and I were a year ago:
Because a year ago it was still ANZAC day for us in Virginia, we spent out last day checking out the last few things I needed to do/see then headed to Champps at Fair Oaks - which was our local Champps. They make awesome blackberry margaritas!!

The next day we took Amtrak to NYC.

The view out the window from our penthouse hotel room.

Working in the hotel, NYC.

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Rochelle Smith-Haines said...

can understand that one was a good night watching walking dead here too, i was doing stuff to in the adds had treasurer stuff to do for the local play center, the stuff we do for love..

I see you...

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