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Happy Monday!
If you read Ellie's blog and can answer her question... (you can also scour her twitter time line for a clue, in fact the name in question is there if you look carefully!) you could win a tee shirt or a cap.
Such fun!!

Now on with something that I think is wonderful. (Tee shirt and cap are cool too, but this is awesome cool.)

This poem Stolen by Ellie Conway appears in Terrorbyte.

When the world has done
Lost in time too tired to run
A safe place came to be…
Feeling your words surround me
Letting tears cascade…
Hoping my dues in life are paid.
Memories stolen by the night
Time sliding dividing light
Jumbled thoughts trapped inside
Who I was suddenly died…
Flashing pictures on a screen
Unsure reality dripping through a dream.
Darkness folding images like cloth
Wrapping the past in a gilded bow
Storing away the horror show
Letting tears cascade…
Hoping my dues in this life are paid.
Mixed emotions confusion reigns
Holding love in shaking hands
Touching a heart giving hope
Flashing pictures on a screen
Unsure reality becomes a crazy glued dream.

This poem was written by William Alexander Smith in answer to Stolen.

An Answer to “Stolen” by Cat Connor

When this world is finally done
There will be no need to run
For we will be at life eternal
Checking works from life’s journal.

You may know your dues are paid
Your crimes are on one ready laid
He has paid the price for you
More good works you may never do.

Memories are kept not lost
When you stop to count the cost
The one that created all the light
Keeps you safe through coming nights.

Slipping in and out of dreams
Effects of bourbon so it seems
Horror shows made to fade away
When salvation comes here to stay.

Now... this poem is one of my favorites, also by Ellie Conway - written after the death of her husband this poem lies at the end of Terrorbyte.

The Butterfly Song
In a glade where butterflies sing
A silver brook babbles
Oak trees grow in dappled light
Tiny acorns sprout
My prince came in chain mail armor
His arrow whistles true
In his heart the butterfly song
A dream upon a wing
Melting smiles in fading light
Drawing from butterflies within
He sets the scene in motion
The world begins to spin.
Butterfly feathers gracefully fall
Carpeting the glade in color
Fairies peek from under leaves;
Listening to the song.
In a blink my prince is gone.
Alone I am left to wonder
Why butterflies sing.

And this is another poem by William Alexander Smith:

An Answer to “The Butterfly Song” by Cat Connor 

In that glade where butterflies sing
A shining stream bubbles and brings
Life to Oak trees in the dappled light
Where acorns sprout, a wondrous sight.

My prince comes in chains of amour
His arrow strikes and I can run no more
As he sings from his heart of hearts
The butterfly song draws my breath apart.

Melting moments set love in motion
Drawing from inward butterfly potion
It is he who starts my time to begin
And sets the world in endless spin.

Butterfly feathers, what are they?
But leaves that fall in the month of May
Carpeting the glade in delightful colour
With that fairy song no need for any other.

While I listened to that lilting song
My prince is gone and life’s gone wrong
And now I am left alone to ponder
Why butterflies sing is a mighty wonder.

These poems delight me, I cannot express how much joy there is in knowing someone was driven to repy to them. That's pure awesome. But what's even better for me is that William Alexander Smith is my Uncle Bill.

Can't wait to see what he makes of the very dark poem in Exacerbyte!! ;-)

Also, Ellie and Mac's poetry is available free in PDF form from here. I don't think the poem from Exacerbyte was included in that collection. (Not sure, just don't think so!)

EDITED to include:
Turns out I didn't have to wait long for the answer to Gone


It culminated in the end
Dripping off the edge of life
The ooze that was primordial slime
Is all that’s left at the end of time.
Full circle?
Does it matter?

Rain pounding
Mud squelching
One by one, they leave
Surrounded by flowers
Alone in the earth
The moments before, did they count?
What was special about the day?
Did you measure up in a universal way?

Cold seeping through the lid
No matter how a life is lived
Biodegradable flesh is how it will end
How long before it all caves in?
Sinking quietly into the murk
Was it worth it?
Did you live?

From William Alexander Smith
On “Gone” by Cat C.

Beginning and end are all the same
Full circle we but play a game.
What we call primordial slime
Has not improved by years of time
But hope is life for future days
When we forget our wicked ways.

And once again IE and blogger are being a total formatting pain in the ass... sorry it's not formatted the way it supposed to be!!

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Rochelle Smith-Haines said...

cool just shared this page so dad can have a look and rang him he was just writing his answer to the first poem in exacerbyte...
i told him as long as he dont spill rasberry fizzy on it, as he did on my copy of terrorbyte..
he was here the other day and hubby had quarter of exacerbyte left to read and made hubby finish it so he could swap for the next take home,
could be a fight here, who gets to read flashbyte first when i get a copy..

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