Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lucky Seven...

It's been YEARS since I've done a meme. Seriously, years. Maybe as far back as MySpace days!

A fellow author, Leigh K. Hunt, tagged me in her Lucky Seven, so I figured I'd give it ago.

"The rules are that you must post an excerpt from one of your books and this excerpt has to be seven sentences, lines or paragraphs from page 77, seven lines down."

Seemed easy... right up until I realised I don't have the final .doc file for Flashbyte and I don't have the paperback yet either. Kindle versions have no numbers... how the hell does someone find page 77?

Well, turned out it required a lot of pissing about and growling.

I had an early (mistake riddled) .doc file and the print formatted file for EXACERBYTE. So, I copied the formatting. The problem with this is that it's an earlier file, so it doesn't have everything in it. No disclaimers, no copyright info, no publisher info, no acknowledgments... and they take up room, pages in fact.
So, I'm still guessing at what page 77 could be.

Taking into account the possible shift in pages... page 77 could well be the beginning of chapter 7. So, let's say it is.
BUT the beginning of chapter 7 in my version is not the same as the final version.
Fuck fuck fuckity fuck.

So after all that pissing about and language... I ended up having to type it out the required 7 sentences from an ePub version. (You can't cut and paste from ePub, grrrr)

Here it is: from Flashbyte: 7 sentences from 7 lines down on Page 77 (perhaps):

The door released and sprang inward. I darted outside staying close to the house. Rather than stepping away from the security provided by my house and using the path, I opted for walking in what was left of the side garden. The weeds wouldn't mind.
We crept along the side toward the driveway. Darkness all around me softened as I moved, enabling my eyes to adjust. Ahead and to the right the outline of the garage created a deep, sharp line in the night.

I would've preferred to use 7 paragraphs - but I typed this once already (the first time) I'm not typing it again! :-)

Also - I've been sick all weekend so not in the best frame of mind - trust me, you don't want me to spend any more time writing this blog than absolutely necessary!!

Tagging 7 authors?

Not today... maybe later.


Leigh K Hunt said...

That was awesome. I loved it :-) Despite all the hassles you went through to get there! I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the book!

Cat Connor said...

Thanks Leigh!

Hoping the .doc file will turn up this week as I need to include excerpts in a few upcoming interviews!!

I see you...

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