Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Little bit lost today.

It happens every now and then - usually when I've just finished a novel - to the point where it's been submitted to my publishers.
I did that early last week.
It's gone.

So, I thought. Lets get gutting that one I hated and re-write that sucker. I started. I gutted. It was very satisfying. I began the re-write. At this point you should remember that when I'm in the zone I WRITE FAST.
I banged out 10K and change. Love where this is taking me. Such fun. Really looking forward to seeing how Ellie deals with being hunted by the FBI while trying to protect an actor from a stalker. Really fun shit happening there. (I may have giggled a fair bit as I wrote.)

Then... I had this idea.
Why not shelve Ellie for a week or so? You know, give us both a break.
Why not... finish the kiwi mystery?
(It's set in Upper Hutt and we all know nothing happens here - so how long could it take? Right?)

I opened the file - hated pretty much everything I saw. Set about re-writing some of it, adding bits, changing stuff around. It's short for me - I think only 65K so there is plenty of wiggle room. (Nothing happens here - how long could it be?)
Some of it feels a little rushed - some is way too slow - a lot of it will end up being re-written. The problem now is (it's not Ellie and I'm still having a hard job warming to Veronica, but that's beside the point) I am not in a position to see where the biggest problems lie.
In the interest of clarity I sent the file to someone I trust... that would be Beck. Now I just have to wait for her verdict.

So, I'm waiting.
While I'm waiting I found the new Byte novel magically open on my desktop...
so much for having an Ellie break.
I'm about to close the file, without touching a word because I think it's very unfair of her to want me to write about her again so quickly. (This new one is as yet unnamed, it's actually got a working title of unnamedbyte. lol)
No matter how much fun it is for me to write Byte series novels... it's time for a wee break. A week or so would be cool!

This morning I started answering some interview questions - interview won't be out until the end of May, but I thought if I started now it would keep my mind busy... wrong. :-)

So what have you been doing this week??

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