Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's the weekend...

Yesterday was a mixed bag of a day.
I had a migraine - woke up with it, when that happens it's hard to get on top of it and I get left with residual migraine for a few days afterwards. So lucky!

It was also Admin Bubbles birthday. Admin Bubbles made feta - so delicious. She left me some, so it's in the fridge. I doubt it will last until the end of the weekend!!
I made Bubbles a chocolate mousse cake and we had afternoon tea - cake, feta, pate, french bread, coffee and wine. Fabulous!

But the real fun was tweeting as @EllieConwaySA most of the day and giving away a few copies of Flashbyte.
Anna (@AnnaESmart), Geraldine (@GClarkHellery), and Lee (@Threeand10) now have Flashbyte to read.
I'm tempted to add 'good luck' after that sentence, that particular episode in SSA Conway's life nearly broke my brain and hers!

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