Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I forgot to tell you...

I'm over at International Thriller Writers this week with a very talented bunch, mob, murder, clutch, chatter, deceit, dread... I cannot believe you can have an absence of waiters and an exaggeration of estate agents but there is no collective noun for writers! That's just not good enough! - anyway, as I was saying... I'm over at ITW this week taking part in a marvelous Roundtable.

The question this week is:

"Is it difficult to write comedy or humor into your thrillers?"

Someone needs to throw me a life jacket!!

Seriously - way out of my depth.

Jolly good fun though.

I could feel myself cringing as I wrote my answer to that question ... it was like me standing up in front of everyone at the library saying.. for book month, you know, the one where the theme is "Books change lives"... and I stood up and said, "I don't believe books change lives."

(That's an awful lot of pressure to put on an inanimate object... although dropping a book on a spider is indeed life changing. My argument is that books do not change lives - you have to apply knowledge to effect change... but they do enrich, delight, entertain and otherwise thrill.)

So, anyway, I'm over at ITW being honest. (Yes, that means the possibility of both feet being in my mouth is high... especially when I don't actually ever set about to write comedy or humor, I'm just a fucking smartass and can't help myself.)

Just noticed that the interrogation of Michele A'Court is the most popular page on my blog today - strange, it's been up awhile now - just over a year in fact! (Bit of a Twilight Zone kinda day all round really.)

Keep scaring myself today - walk past a mirror and catch sight of blonde hair and wonder who the hell is in my house. Turns out it's me.
As you were.

Forgot this as well: A brand spanking (no not like that - mind out of gutter, thank you) new interview with yours truly over at SORMAG.

Also: a new article about me (yes it is all about me, thank you.) in the Upper Hutt Leader.

I'm not a hundred percent sure but I may be the only published writer in Upper Hutt - also think I'm the only writer who writes in this genre here... I must check. If there are others, I'd like to meet them!!


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