Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter is done... giving away a copy of EXACERBYTE now!

On Friday (yeah, Good Friday) I flew south to Blenheim. It was a fun flight.
Turns out my favorite seat in an airplane is the co-pilot seat - who knew?

I flew Sounds Air, they fly Cessna's. I love little planes. They rock. Sounds Air are a friendly bunch too.

All in all, great trip with Sounds Air both ways. :-) Looking forward to my next flight south with them. Gordon was the pilot on both of my flights. Awesome.
That's right, I have a new favorite airline for the WGTN-Blenheim route I'm traveling at the moment.

AirNZ will always be my favorite long haul airline though.

Had a lovely weekend in Mahau Sound. Got a lot of writing done - didn't expect that, so that was quite the bonus.
So I've been home since Monday afternoon... it's Wednesday now and I'm ready to go away again. Yep, the kids were pleased to see me, sadly the traditional way children show this is by being incredibly fucking annoying and LOUD.

I need to take Romeo out for a walk this afternoon - that should make him happy and hopefully give me a break from the non-stop annoyances that are my girls.

School holidays suck out loud.

In other news, I went to Spotlight on the way home from the airport and bought a shit load of fabric. I have also (since then) laid out and cut 4 sweatshirts and a pair of jeans for Breezy.
I have only managed to sew up one sweatshirt so far though.
Something to do with the noise level and pure annoyance of having to deal with Squealer. (I, for one do not believe she took her pills this morning. Yes, that's how bad it is here today.)

It's really pissing me off because I was in a fabulously good mood, despite not having anywhere near enough sleep in the last week. REALLY good mood. And then they started and would not shut the hell up.

And now I have a headache.

I think it's time I went away for another month. Obviously 4 days isn't enough.

Where to this time?

It might make me happy to give away a copy of:


SSA Ellie Conway is well aware how delicate life really is, so when the child trafficker known as Hawk surfaces in New Zealand, and the Director suggests 'Delta A' welcome Doctor Kurt Henderson to their ranks she agrees. The events that unfold haul Supervisory Special Agent Ellie Conway out of her comfort zone and into a terrifying personal situation. Delta A work to find missing children in New Zealand before they disappear forever.
This time Hawk's not hunting children from the Butterfly Foundation. 
He's found a new place to meet his vulnerable prey. He's broadened his net, and increased his activity.
And he’s watching…

So, here's the thing - leave a comment telling me where you love to vacation and why (100 words or less), and also please make sure we can get hold of you, if you have a blogger ID make sure there is an email address attached to it! (Yes, a few people had no hope of winning the last two competitions because we had no way of getting in touch!)
I will give away either an ePub or kindle version of EXACERBYTE so this competition is open to anyone anywhere.

 As usual Admin One and Admin Bubbles will determine the winner.
We're all looking forward to your entries so get moving.

The competition closes on Sunday April 15th at 5PM. That is NZ time so if you're overseas (in the other hemisphere) get in quick so you don't leave it too late and miss out!



Rochelle smith-haines said...

my best break would be down in the deep south island
where you get to see the green hills and amazing sunsets where life is quite and peaceful.
with my many smith cuzzys in the sunshine on a porch with a good few bottles to toast the good times... be even better if it included our long lost cousin Cat
that none of us has had the chance to toast to your success...yet

Chris Hanlon said...

I love to visit Onemana on the Coromandel coast just north of Whangamata. Onemana has a beachside village feel. Everyone seems to know everyone else, and since there is just the one cafe I suppose this is not surprising.

One of my mates, Jeff is the president of the Onemana Surf club, which I joined mostly to support them financially, I am sure they would be embarrassed at my lack of swimming prowess.

Staying with Jeff's dad on a long weekend is like returning to a 2nd family. The whole atmosphere is relaxing, and welcoming.

I don't think you can beat that!

J. H. Bográn said...

My favorite vacation spot is anywhere in the world, away from home. ;-)

Last year, to celebrate the 15th wedding anniversary, my wife and I took a cruise. My first ever. Albeit a short one, we loved every minute of it. So, next vacation, I'd love a cruise. It can be along the Mediterranean coast, or one to Alaska. You know, the ones where they serve Scotch on the rocks, iceberg rocks. Although, I take my scotch neat, i'm willing to sacrifice for a age-old piece of ice.

If I must bring the kids, then a week in Orlando, Florida would make all 3 of them happy, I'm sure.

Okay, that's enough day dream for a night.


Cat Connor said...

Chris - the Coromandel sounds fab! Don't think I've ever been over that way!!

Rochelle - I would love to come south and catch up!!

Jose - a cruise? Really? Glad you enjoyed it, personally ships scare me!! :-)

Rochelle smith-haines said...

you would be welcome anytime thats what family is for.. even though I ant seen you in many many years..

Amber said...

I love Japan as my favourite holiday location. The people are so friendly and trusting (yes it's weird but they're!) and the country is so enriched with ancient culture while being at the front of the world in terms of technology. I LOVE JAPAN!

Lynette Eklund said...

Cat, you seriously need to try the cruise thing. I suggest the Carribean for a first cruise because you can practically walk between the islands, but any cruise will do --where someone else does all the cooking and cleaning, and you're only responsibilities are: deciding what to pick from the menu, what shore excursion to take, what to wear and what book to read or work on from your lounge chair.

J. H. Bográn said...

You've watched Titanic and Poseidon's Adventure far too many times.
Forget the Costa Concordia and listen to Lynette, try to cruise. But hey, you already live on a island. Aren't there any cruises to say, Australia or Hawaii?

Cat Connor said...

Lynette - but it involves being stuck on a ship!!

Jose - but it involves being stuck on a ship!! :-)

Can't I just fly somewhere?? lol

Rochelle smith-haines said...

yeh ya can Cat hop on a plane and fly to invercargill lol.. well one day hopefully

I see you...

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