Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Okay, so I thought I'd go check out movie tickets for Squealer. She's desperate to go see The Hunger Games - she loved the books.

I have this block when it comes to throwing money away.

Going to the movies is a money black hole.

It's not just the ticket, is it? Oh no. It's the over priced everything else.

Usually I wait until the movie I want to see comes out in DVD - it only takes a few months, and another month after that they're under $20. (We have a huge DVD collection.)

I get that Squealer is at high school and doesn't want to be the only kid who hasn't seen The Hunger Games. Last year she hated missing out on all the movies at the cinema... but really, I simply can't afford to take her and her little sister (because it has to be fair) and me to the movies. (I usually explain it to Breezy buy saying... I need to sell x-many books for that to happen.)

So, this morning I thought I'd go check out ticket prices.
And, I discovered... the YA book is now an M rated movie.
Squealer is 13.
She can't go see an M rated movie by herself. If it's an M rating then she would need an adult there. (Makes sense right, even though M is unrestricted, I couldn't let a 13 year old go without adult supervision.)
I'm happy to give her $20 to go to the movies with her friends - but not to an M rated movie.
Why in Gods name is a YA book now an M rated movie anyway???
I have zero interest in seeing the movie. Me going with her is NOT going to happen. Because if I go, then Breezy will want to go... and a 6 year old cannot go to that movie. Also, I don't want to see it. I actually do not enjoy going to the movies. (Too loud, too expensive, too loud - did I mention that I find theaters too loud??)

Seems really stupid. They finally make a new movie (not a rehash, not from an old TV series, but something actually new and it's rated so the kids who really want to see it, who really loved the books really can't!)

Almost as stupid as the ridiculous things blogger is doing this morning!! It's highlighting all the text as I type and I can't turn it off. Way to go blogger - you  really know how to piss me off.

Right, time to wake the kids up.

It's a really windy Tuesday morning.

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