Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday, or at least I think it is...

Last night sleep buggered off early - it forgot to hang around for the whole night, in fact it forgot to stay past midnight. I'm not very pleased with sleep right now. We're not speaking.

Unfortunately it's made for a very disjointed kinda screwy day. I've accomplished a lot, but can't for the life of me figure out what's next.

I know there is lots next... but what's next next. Yeah, see, that's the problem.

Next week is BUSY.

(I need to sleep before then and I need to shake this migraine off. Despite me getting new migraine meds yesterday I haven't been able to take them because I was half asleep when this hit and didn't get to it fast enough, so it's back-up meds, which aren't as good - hence they're the back-up meds. lol.)

I have a half written collection of notes for the talk at the library - and no doubt that will send sleep packing again tonight.

I've lightened a copy of the flashbyte cover, so I can have it printed onto icing. (I'll take it up on Monday and get that sorted.)

Today I decided to tackle the coat cupboard - and clean out my sewing box. Done! Oh, yeah, and I made a new curtain for the coat cupboard and found the curtain rail, just need Action Man to hang it back up.

Also, the upstairs bathroom is gleaming.

Plane tickets are booked for Easter. Not flying Air NZ this time, as the service to Blenheim is not reliable enough for me. So, Sounds Air it is. Should be fun. The kids are used to me being away over Easter, so it won't surprise them any that I'm going to miss Easter again.

Forgot to get some CD's. Admin One had an idea for the library thing, so I needed to get some CD's... which I'll hopefully remember to get in the weekend.

Currently I'm waiting to see the final copy of Flashbyte - and the wait is driving me nuts. Okay sure it's 10 days until launch day... but I want to see it! Also, wanted to be able to give someone very special a paperback copy at the launch. That won't happen. Which makes me all kinds of sad, because time is not something we have a lot of now.

Don't forget it's "read an ebook week" and also NZ Book Month - which makes it the perfect time to read me... it really does. :)

Now, I'm waiting for a courier that should've been here hours ago... if he'd arrived just after 9 like, ya know, I expected I'd have another thing ticked off my list by now.

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