Sunday, March 4, 2012

Read an eBook week!

No doubt some of you would've heard that "Read an eBook week" is here! (March 4-March 10)

As part of this there are some heavily discounted ebooks over at Smashwords.

Torrent is free for the week - if you use this coupon code: RE100

(Southern Hemisphere folks - the coupon won't work until one minute past midnight Pacific time on March 4 when the special ebook promoting catalogue appears on Smashwords.)

Found some pics of my books being read as Ebooks and also a kindlegraph I sent to someone awesome!




To request a kindlegraph. 



It would be fun if you sent in a picture of  one of my books on your eReader (iPad, Kindle, iPhone, laptop, whatever...).

You can send pictures to: catconnor (@) hotmail (dot) com
Please use the subject line "Ebook pictures".

On March 10 I will post a blog with the pictures included. (Let me know in the email if you want your name mentioned or not.)

Cat xx

Now get reading!!

Only 13 days until Flashbyte!!

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