Sunday, March 18, 2012

A lovely Sunday

It really was a lovely Sunday today. Sunny, hot, very pleasant. I spent a good deal of the afternoon sitting outside reading. Then the Admins came over to take down the gazebo and remove the body.
Just as I was making coffee for us Sian came over. So, we all sat outside and did the afternoon tea thing with cake.
Sian described the launch cake as "juicy" - which quickly became "juicilicious" (courtesy of Admin Bubbles).
So we ate juicilicious cake.


Last night was the launch party for Flashbyte - minus the actual paperbacks - which are not yet available but the ebooks are!
It was fun. There are lots of photos that will never be aired, lol. But it was fun.

There was as usual much laughter! What follows is a few pictures - from late in the evening.

Romeo is much improved and was so delighted to have Cleo come for the evening! He'd missed her. The dogs spent most of the evening on their beds  - just hanging out.

At some point during the evening the body from the crime scene ended up dangling from the back fence with one or both arms missing.

Admin One (green), Me (orange), Admin Bubbles (camo)

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