Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday, which really is the morning after the night before...

Well, I survived the week, made it to Friday and spoke at the library last night.

I have no idea what I said, apart from saying "I don't think books do change lives" - which the Boy Wonder tells me won't get me invited back.
It's true though, books alone do not change lives... you can read as many diet books as you like - you won't lose any weight.
Books do enrich, entertain, provide an escape, do all manner of things that are super cool but I don't think they can actually change your life without your input.
(Although gotta say... I've ended a lot of spider lives with a well dropped book. - and that people is why we will always have tree books as well as eBooks. No one wants to squish a spider with their kindle!)
Writing on the other hand has changed my life quite considerably.

So, I did the public speaking thing.
Action Man's camera died as soon as we arrived, so, no pictures for me. Talk about annoying.

This morning I have a reporter coming to interview me and take photos - yeah that seemed like a good idea at 2:30 yesterday afternoon - that was before I drank half a bottle of wine after getting home last night. Now, photos don't seem quite so clever!

Also, I have things to bake/make/create for tomorrows launch party. Luckily I will have some extra hands today.

In other exciting news - our plum tree had 3 perfect plums. We planted this tree about 5 years ago and it's done nothing. This year it produced 3 beautiful plums. Squealer ate 2 of them last night, and said they were delicious. (We don't use pesticides, so the kids can eat straight from the trees... Breezy likes to pick apples from the apple tree when she's outside playing.)

Romeo's foot is healing well. He ran around a bit last night out the back - 4 feet on the ground. Hooray!! I'm not walking him today though, he can rest up some more and I'll start his daily walks on Monday. He's been brilliant at keeping of his foot, and I think he quite enjoys the breakfast/dinner in bed. Oh, yes, he's got us all wrapped around his beautiful paws. There's a bowl of water by him, because I didn't want him trying to hop into the kitchen... but for a couple of days he couldn't move enough to reach it. Lucky for him he has servants and all he had to do was lick his lips and the bowl would move to his mouth. :)
He even had his food changed to wet food, so he could eat lying down. He and the cat have enjoyed that. Missy has been shoving her head in his bowl - with him - yeah, they've been sharing meat... a cat and a dog, sharing meat. what can I say, we have a strange (but friendly) household.

It was fun putting faces to twitter names last night. It was awesomesauce having most of my family there too and I am very grateful to my fantastic friends who came along and made last night fun!
Special mention to my wonderful Admins who were on form last night and performed Admin duties. :)

Now, to pour more coffee down my throat and haul two tired kids out of their beds!

Oh and I have a written interview to finish today too....

Here's the cake:

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