Saturday, March 10, 2012

Flashbyte is live!

I know it's not the 17th yet... and that's the launch day, but lucky you - Flashbyte is live now here and here.

For eFormats for things other than Kindle (and for kindle too, if you like) go to the first here. :)
To purchase flashbyte from the kindle store go to the second here.

Paperback will be available soon... hopefully by March 17.

How exciting is this??

Oh here's the doo hickey (description). - It's 7 AM, and I've had one coffee, you can't be expecting me to make a lot of sense here people!

SSA Ellie Conway's back in this fourth exciting installment of the byte series.

As if a terrifying nightmare wasn’t bad enough, being woken from it with the news that she’d been strangled in a parking lot didn’t make for a great start to the day for FBI Agent Ellie Conway.

Extraordinary and bizarre packages delivered to her home, a sniper aiming for her – twice in one day – and a vehicle that looks like Swiss cheese, tends to make a girl lose her sense of humour.

More mistaken-identity deaths, bank robberies, a hospital murderer, an unexpected cold case, and a rendition to a black site, conspire to demand more than the usual amount of kickass determination required of SSA Conway.

Ghosts from the past, forcing themselves into her present life, with vengeance on their minds, threaten Conway and the lives of others, reminding her of the fragility of memory.

And FYI blogger is stupid and persistently screws up fonts!! Which is why there is no uniformity here. It simply does not cope well with select all and change the fucking font command. In fact Blogger's usual response is "screw you, I'll do what I like."

It's like a stroppy teenager.

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