Monday, February 6, 2012

Wright's Fortress.

Four times a year the fortress in Karori is open to the public... it's a maze of tunnels and rooms under a hill and AWESOME.

So when friend Anna said they were going to take the kids there today... well, it seemed like a great place to take kids and dogs, somewhere new and interesting.

This morning we left home just after 9. We took Romeo to the beach for a romp in the sea before heading into Karori (yay for GPS).

Surprisingly when we arrived Action Man spotted some mates and we popped over to see them and their weaponry. :)

Action Man and Adam.

Action Man and Adam again!

The step stairs proved quite a challenge - especially as they were wet, small steps and there were lots of them. But the dogs managed without too much trouble. The hardest thing was slowing Romeo's ascent and descent so he didn't slip - it sure gave his muscles a good work out!

Exploring rooms deep underground.

All in all a really good day.


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