Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Working and Research.

It didn't seem to matter how much work I did on the new byte novel,... I just wasn't getting it. I wasn't. I wanted to get it. I wanted to get the new guy. But all I got was a wall. I don't like wall. It's kinda limiting. (And flat.)

(Let's blame Ellie for introducing him to start with shall we? It's not like I get much of a say in who pops up and when... it's weird, but there is no point fighting it.)

So, anyway, new guy.
He had potential. I liked him well enough, just couldn't get my head around his world. And I can hear some of you saying, "What does it matter? It's Ellie's story... he's incidental." And that folks is where the money is... no character is incidental. (Occasionally cannon fodder but never incidental...)
I have no problem making stuff up, but I need something to build on.
If I didn't get into his head a little bit, then I couldn't believably write his reactions to various things or have him play off Ellie's reactions... none of it would happen. He'd just be Steve 'the guy everyone forgets five seconds after meeting him'.
And that's not fair. Also - because I know who he is in the story, he probably won't be leaving in a hurry. He deserves to be a whole person.

Now, he's Steve Dailey - actor. (That's all you get for now... be happy with it!)

This is like when I was first writing Rowan Grange. He was a complete mystery to me... The life of a rock star, is just a little different to my life... (imagine that). Thankfully the very lovely and sweet (not to mention talented) Lorenza Ponce helped me out and Rowan came to life.
If you've read exacerbyte, then you'd know that. :)

But Steve called for a different kind of expert. I needed to talk to an actor - and an experienced one at that. (Experienced does not mean old... tread carefully people, he's a full 2 years and 2 weeks younger than me. In this case, experienced means he's played/plays diverse characters.)
He's also a really nice guy and thanks to him, Steve, is coming along nicely and more questions have cropped up. :)

Today I didn't have a lot of time to write.
It's Squealer's 13th birthday tomorrow - hence today I didn't have a lot of writing time. Tomorrow, however, while she's at school... I'll be working. (Also tonight - once the kids are in bed.)

I'm really looking forward to settling down for a few hours of uninterupted writing time!!

The best thing is  - while we were chatting a twist emerged (and we weren't even talking about the book) that I hadn't seen/didn't notice until then. I love when stuff twists. It brings me joy.

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