Sunday, February 19, 2012

Today was awesome...

Really, it was.

It started out awesome - I woke usual time - just after 5, dozed until just after 6. Made coffee. Turned on my laptop, Skype started (nothing unusual there), settled down to read email while my body attempted to infuse as much caffeine as it could as quickly as possible.
Not fast enough.
Let me tell ya... no where near fast enough.

I had a Skype window pop up that damn near derailed my brain completely.
It's me, okay. I don't expect anyone to want to talk to me or be willing to answer my questions.
It's how I am.
Anyway, I answered the, "Sure... shoot... be happy to."
I fired off a bunch of questions.
I made more coffee... and didn't throw up. Nor did I forget what I was doing. Or go all fan girl. (Okay I did a little bit... I text Anna, we used all caps, it was pretty exciting stuff.)
I absorbed the answers and enjoyed every minute.

At the end of the conversation, with a huge freaking grin on my face I thanked him and hurried off to get ready for Jojo's birthday party.

Action Man's phone battery was flat... we had to drive into Karori without the GPS! :)

Poor Squealer had a bit of trouble adjusting to all the new people at the party. I ended up taking her down to see Cleo and leaving her with Cleo for a while. It's just the thing. Greyhounds are calming. She came back to join everyone once she'd chilled with Cleo a bit. And then when it got too much she took herself back off to Cleo again. Brilliant.

When we finally got home I sat down to do some work... and go over the generous information I received this morning.
Now, the new guy, in Pixelbyte - has a name. Prior to the conversation this morning he was a little vague... nice, with lots of potential, but vague. He's fleshed out a little bit more and he's gonna be fun. Seriously, fun. I think I'm going to enjoy writing him... not sure Ellie is going to enjoy it as much as I will. But maybe that will increase the fun factor!

Life is pretty damn great sometimes. :)

Last night I saw The Book of Eli for the first time - timely perhaps.

Doesn't hurt to have a little faith.

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