Tuesday, February 28, 2012

There's a mouse in the house.

I don't much care for mice.

I had pet mice as a child, and that's all very well and good... they lived in a cage. They did not roam free about the living room.

Last night Missy the Fat Grey Mouse-Torturing Cat caught a mouse. She then let it go in the living room because she likes hunting in a confined area. The only problem with that plan is... furniture and curtains. Yes, that's right, she didn't consider the obvious hiding places. Book cases are especially good to hide in or behind. The TV cabinet is also perfect for hiding behind... and it's really fun when The Fat Grey Mouse-Torturer pulls BOTH modems down and then drops the router behind the fucking cabinet.

Possibly wandering around the house in the middle of the night with a Glock in my hand is less than smart... and shooting a mouse might be overkill... but it's a MOUSE and it's in my HOUSE. And the cat is useless at the whole kill and eat part of the game!

Last I saw it, the mouse didn't look well and hobbled off behind the big bookcase. I really hope this doesn't become a decomp behind the bookcase situation. (That's just nasty.)

So, what else is happening?

Invites have gone out for the launch party, acceptances are rolling in.
I've decided to go the whole 'name tag' way this time... but not just any old "hello my name is...." tags, oh no, these are quite spectacular. You'll see eventually.

I ran into a few problems theme wise... how does one depict memory? Tricky, yes? But Admin One came up with a good idea the other night.
Based on one of Admin One's ideas, I created a slide show for the double digital frame that hangs above the mantelpiece and also a 'movie' to play on the PC.

Such fun!

Today, I thought maybe a game or two might be fun. (You scared yet?)
If the mail would just arrive I'd even have prizes. :)
Things keep coming to me... as they do I shall add them to the plan.

The cake got it's second dowsing in Brandy today. (You could consider it a baptism with brandy.)

FYI - don't eat the Flashbyte cake and drive.

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