Saturday, February 18, 2012

Romeo: by jove I think he has it!

Well maybe not, but he had it today and that's what matters.

Romeo's recall is usually pretty crap... it is. At home it's awesome, he never fails to come when called. But when we're out running with him - he turns his nose on and ears off.
(Or his feet on and his ears off... he can get up some good speed for a 5 yr old greyhound!)
It's the way he operates, and because he's not food orientated 'treats' when he comes don't work.
He simply won't take food at all when he's running. (Unlike Cleo who is food orientated at all times, lol.)

So he had to learn that when he comes when he's called he gets joyful hugs and can stay off lead longer.

Today, Romeo had his ears on.

He came every time he was called, playing or not. A few times he needed a little coaxing... BUT HE CAME.
He also checked on us regularly and hung out with us on the beach - happy to just wander along until he was ready to run again.

It was great!

When we got home Romeo had a handful of dried duck strips... and has been asleep ever since!

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