Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Planning (and scheming?)

The joy of February is not all joy at all... it comes with a desire to get certain events planned so the execution goes without a hitch. It's much easier said than done.

Much much easier said than done.

The following three weekends have birthday parties attached... and somewhere during that I need to plop in Squealer's 13th birthday party/sleepover/chaos. Her birthday is midweek, so it's looking like it will be the Friday after her birthday. Fun... except not for me! I figure it will be easier to turn the living areas over to the teens and hide in my room watching movies/reading/whatever (with laptop of course).

Meanwhile... it's time to start thinking about the talk I will be giving at the library in March and just how books change lives.

Also - there will be a book release coming up. Don't know when, but I need to be prepared especially with all that is happening at the moment. The chances of me having time to make the cake are slim. I'd like to, I have for the last two launches and had the icing printed and so forth... but this time might prove a tad trickier. If it's possible it will be done.

Right now I need to get the house in order. I'd really like to make another bead curtain. My last one fell apart... it's such a messy thing to do, but so fun. Won't be the same without Dionne rolling beads with me though.

This afternoon I'd like to get some writing done... we'll see. :)

On Saturday night we're having an Admin dinner. It's been awhile. They're always fun and involve way too much red wine. It's as it should be.

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