Saturday, February 25, 2012

I hate vampires...

Like that's a big secret!

I get in trouble by saying it though. As far as I'm concerned vampires are pedophiles - why would a 200 year old vampire want to date a 16/17 year old? It's just sick. There is no bridging that age gap!
(FYI - as much as I dislike vampires I dislike 'sparkly' ones more.)

I have been known to say things that get me into trouble, and have opinions that people feel compelled to berate me for.
Ya know, like when I was in New York and I said, "I don't like NYC."
Boy, did that land me in some hot water.
Funnily enough, not from New Yorkers... but from people who'd never lived there but love visiting. Awesome, I'm happy for you.
I think NYC smells like urine, dispute it if you want, but I know it's true. And you can't change my mind by getting in my face about it.
It's my opinion based on my experience.
Note: I said I don't like the city but never mentioned the people - and the ones I met were fun, friendly, and made my stay in that city a hell of a lot nicer than it would've been without them.
Admittedly, when I got the hell away from Times Square - New York was much nicer but it STILL smelled like urine.
I figure that has something to do with dogs peeing down the subway grates... among other things.
I'm at a loss to explain the smell of Penns Station... now that's a nice welcome to NY, not!

It's something I won't forget - the smells associated with various places.
DC smells like cherry blossom and fresh mulch... Arlington smells like mix of apple blossom and cherry... Antietam smells like blood and gun powder... Harper's Ferry smells like it's just rained... NY smells like a public toilet.

Now that I've re-opened that wound for some of you, let's move on to fresher fields.

Some people (probably one person) has taken offence to me talking about our dog and injuries he sustained prior to us adopting him (his throat injury is shrouded in bullshit and mystery, and yes, I'm still waiting for vet documentation to back-up the story we were told...).

You know what? He's our family dog and Breezy's all time best friend. He's happy... so happy his tail wags in his sleep. Everyone loves him. EVERYONE. He has his own fan club at school... Romeo groupies who swamp him the minute they clap eyes on him.

If you don't like my blog - then fuck off and never come back.

For the rest of you:

This is where Romeo likes to wait when he knows it's almost time to go get Breezy from school... just in case I try to leave without him!

Oh and it's 20 days until the release of Flashbyte!!

MARCH 17!!!!
MARCH 17!!!!

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