Saturday, February 11, 2012

Getting exciting...

Yes, it is... not that you know what it is, but you will in a minute.

Let me tell you a little story (not about a man named Jed, because I'm not Ellie, I'm me) - just after Christmas we got some less than stellar news. It fact it's pretty much the shittiest news you can get. And this news changed everything (as shitty news does). It also gave great meaning to time. I'd never really experienced time with meaning before, so this is new, and interesting... and changes ones perspective.

Some other things happened (but they've been resolved) and I wondered if Flashbyte would launch on time (bearing in mind that time now has meaning and seems to be fleeting).

I told my editor, my publishers, and some fellow Rebels what was going on here.
Their support has been magnificent.
And now... not even the middle of Feb, it's looking pretty good for a March release.

I'm hopeful that March 17th will work.

On March 15th, I am talking at the library - it's a pretty big deal for me. Ya know, the whole world famous in Upper Hutt thing and having lots of people I know attend the event. The two people I really want to come may well be coming (this shitty illness thing willing), so, the launch party is now in full planning mode - to coincide with the other event. In fact it will be 2 days later. Admin One and I decided that even if Flashbyte wasn't ready for release prior to that date, we were doing the party anyway. (Time has meaning.)

And yesterday - I finished the last few edits. Last night I received the agreed proof copy. This weekend will be reading and checking nothing is missing from pesky commas to words. (Proof reading, and also, Action Man will be proof reading too.)

Now, it's time to go tackle the stupidmarket... before the crypt keeper lets the relics out.

Yesterday the new car magnet arrived... so this morning, the truck will have 4 magnets. Killerbyte, terrorbyte, exacerbyte and .... Flashbyte. Woot!!

Tonight is Admin dinner night: it's going to be awesome.

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