Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday... don't listen to blogger it's stuck in EST

Friday and glorious sun... what more could a person want. (Let's not go to the world peace and cures for cancer place, cos that ain't gonna happen today.)
Yesterday was not a great day.
It sucked a big kumara (sweet potato for you Americans).
Truly sucked.
God, how it sucked.
A culmination of everything that's happened in the last few months smacked me down. Luckily, I bounce. You wouldn't know it to look at me - physically I'm not very well cushioned at all... but I bounce.

So, today, is a better day.

(I credit the change in attitude to, allowing myself to feel like shit for 24 hours and a bloody nice bottle of red wine.)

Tomorrow Romeo gets a run. He so needs one! Sunday, we have a birthday party to go to in the morning, and a certain little Miss Breezy is most excited about it too, cos she gets to play with her best friends Soph and Jojo.

Today - I'm doing stuff.

Still trying to come up with a usable theme for the launch party... trying NOT to think about the public speaking thing. Most delighted that Action Man has that day off work.

I also must make a cake this weekend or Tuesday at the latest. So I can get the icing printed for the book launch.

Yesterday I thought I'd make the play list... it's pretty easy really. I can use this Flashbyte playlist and just put all the songs in the right order onto a flashdrive... except some of them aren't on my laptop and that means searching for the CD's, and there is no alphabetical or any kinda order to our CD collection. (Remiss of me I know!)

It seemed wiser to turn that task over to Admin Bubbles.. who probably won't swear as much as I would doing it. (Confession: I could make a sailor blush. In fact I possibly have.)
 Last time, I had a hell of a job keeping the songs in the right order - but then I was trying to do the play list in Windows Media Player. Much easier to just whack the whole thing onto a flashdrive. (Not like I don't have a few about the place - there's 10 on my key chain. Might be time to get a nice little box to keep them in?)

Just told Action Man and Anna something - that has both delighted and freaked me the hell out. Anna sees the joy! :)

You don't need to know, sorry I mentioned it. :)

As you were...

I'm off to do some writing... for the first time in a while I actually feel like writing. Must the inspiration. (Check out my inspiration board on Pinterest, and you'll understand.)

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