Sunday, February 26, 2012

Every now and then...

...I decide to stay in bed and write, usually that's a winter school holiday thing - I can shut the door and work while the kids watch something on TV, and usually it's because I'm trying to get something finished quickly.

Today is Sunday. (Again, ignore Bloggers declaration about it being Saturday, it is confused to the max.) It's not winter yet, but it is much cooler than it has been. Let's call it late crappy summer, shall we?

I decided to hang out in bed and write - I woke up long before the kids. Action Man is away running amok in the bush.
There is no one to interrupt me.
So you'd think...

I could hear Squealer coughing downstairs. (She ended up sleeping downstairs because retard neighbors had a party and spent all fucking night smoking in the backyard - and the smoke found its way into the girls room.) I listened to her coughing and wondered how long it would take until she got up and used her inhaler! Let me tell you, it was a while... and possibly involved me yelling down the stairs, "Use your Ventolin!"

Then Missy the fat grey cat started... she likes to climb inside the bed. I didn't want her too. She made several attempts, then several sneakier attempts, then pretended she'd given up and sat on the window sill... before trying again. She's back to sitting on the window sill.
Romeo came upstairs  - he wanted to go outside. Apparently the kids were ignoring his silent pleas. (His words not mine.)
I let him out the back, came back upstairs, opened the door and Breezy was in my bed.
Fine. I told her not to jiggle about or bounce around, as my laptop is on the bed. Ten minutes later, after finding that very boring, she disappeared downstairs.

I worked for about half an hour.

Romeo came back up.

Some inconsiderate person had left the washing basket on his upstairs bed. So he stood next to his bed looking from me to it. When that didn't work he came over to me and nudged me a few times.
I moved the basket, he lay down... ten minutes later he was off to see what Breezy was doing!

And now... the freaking cat has managed to haul her fat self up under the duvet and is purring like a maniac by my feet...

Have I gotten any writing done?

A little bit. Not as much as I had hoped... seems no one is prepared to leave me alone today.

Now I need another cup of coffee and a coffee fairy to bring it to me.

Maybe I can train Romeo to be a coffee dog? If he and the fat grey cat worked together, they could probably do it!

In other news:
20 days until Flashbyte.

Are you ready?

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