Sunday, February 5, 2012


Last night was a night of strange dreams... so was the night before. The two most memorable from both nights, the two that won't let go are going to make it into this blog.

Let's start with the freshest one - last nights:

I was on a bus - not an ordinary bus, a decked out really comfy bus with lots of room and so forth. I had an acoustic guitar on my knee which I was fiddling around with. Across from me, facing the driver were two very famous rock stars.
I plucked the lower E string and it made no noise. Confused I took a closer look at the guitar... there was a cover over the soundhole. I thought it was weird and removed it. The E string now had volume but sounded dull. The blond rock star looked over, then came over to talk to me.
He asked how bad the guitar was - meaning how out of tune.
I told him, it wasn't too bad just a little dull. I continued tuning E and A, when I got to D, I hit G by mistake... we both laughed. I commented it was much easier with my little magic box. (auto tuner) He agreed and said something about me being lucky.
Then he produced a gameboy type handset and was trying to get me to play a game. I pointed out I'm shit at games and he thought it was really funny. Was something about being able to coordinate both hands to play guitar and type etc but not when it came to playing any kind of computer game.

Pretty strange dream, huh?.

Now, this next dream is a tad odd:

And the night before - I only remember the end... going outside to get Romeo from the street. He had somehow gotten out a locked door, and closed gate, and into a dog fight.
He walked toward me when I called him, limping a little... and I was surprised to see he wasn't shredded. He had a few nicks and some smeared blood but he wasn't badly injured. I was really stunned that he was okay considering how thin skinned and delicate Greyhounds are supposed to be.

Analyze that! :)

(This one does have an origin though - as I was falling asleep on Friday night I heard dogs fighting - which is a VERY strange thing to hear in our neighborhood. There was a fight, then silence... no yelping, no nothing.)


Fantomenos said...

With our first 2 dogs, Nate and Molly (RIP), I never really dreamt about them, but S (my wife) would always have dreams about them in danger, or hurt.

Not that I didn't like those dogs, just never penetrated my subconcious in that way.

Within a month of having Penny (our first greyhound) I had a dream where she ran full-speed into something and split her head open. In the dream I was desperately trying to get her to the vet while her skull is cracked open and brains are visible.

Something about this breed, they're so vulnerable, it just gets under your skin...

Cat Connor said...

It must be the breed. I've always had dogs but never dreamt about them like I have Romeo!

Greyhounds are special. :)

I see you...

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