Friday, January 6, 2012

We made it to the first Friday of the year.


I cannot promise a Bay City Roller free blog - but I will do my best! :-)

This week has been a pretty awful week. No I'm not going to explain, because it's a family thing and telling you won't make it any easier or better. We just have to suck it up and deal which is what we will do. Not much gets the better of us - and this fucking well won't!

So - how was your first week of the year? What'd you do? Where did you go? How was it?

I made dolls clothes for the girls dolls (remember the dolls I made the year before last - all hand sewn... yeah those ones.). I also made a dress for my Ellie doll. (Yeah, Ellie in a dress - ha!)

We took Romeo to the beach and for a couple of regular runs at the park - which he loves but not as much as he loves the beach and running in the sea. He has a lot of power - it's not easy running at speed in water!
He's wandering around the house at the moment - his tail wagging as usual. Think he was looking for the girls, he likes to hangout with them wherever they are. (And especially if they're in the backyard.)

Romeo reminds of me something my grandfather said to me on a few occasions - because I've always been on the lean side - he told me, "You can't fatten a thorough bred." Still makes me laugh. I think he might have been right. Romeo doesn't exactly put on weight and it took me a VERY long time to grow a body. (In fact it took 7 kids before I grew anything that resembled a body!)

Apart from making stuff with the girls - and spending time as a family with Romeo, we haven't done a lot this week. I really have not been working.
Reading yes, working no.
I would like to get back to writing - maybe next week! I suppose what I have been reading is work... am reading Flashbyte.

Squealer is starting to melt down - I can feel it building up. Not surprising really considering what's happened. It's what she does when she can't deal with things or when it's not all about her and she doesn't know what to do. I had hoped we were past this... but I guess no matter how much progress she's made over the last two years she is still Squealer with her ADD, ASD traits, Sensory Processing Disorder and Generalised Anxiety Disorder, and situations that are hard for us are always going to be horrific for her to negotiate.

I think she needs to go walk Romeo - he understands her way better than any human could.

What else?

My paradise email is acting up. It's bouncing mail for NO reason at all. It just is. So, if you have emailed me at paradise and had it bounce back... use my alternate email. (That would be the Gmail one.)
Tweet me - or whatever if you don't have that particular email address and I'll give it to you.

Last night my wonderful Admins arrived with port - because that's what they do when anything bad or good happens! It's how it is. Of all the people, right now, Admin One is probably the best one to understand the situation and help me figure a way through the mine field. She's been there herself with her family. Also, we are very very similar in how we look at things.

Not sure where I'd be without my Admins over the last few years - certainly wouldn't have laughed anywhere near as much as I have!! :D

You know how I said I couldn't promise a Bay City Roller free blog?

I wasn't fibbing... can't promise it. :D

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